Futurola Pro Pre-Roll Bundle

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You save $500.00


This bundle deal includes everything the professional grower needs to start their own pre-rolling operations. Save $500 by ordering as a bundle as compared to separately!


OG Shredder

This shredder allows you to shred 3 pounds in 2 seconds which produces a perfect consistency for filling pre-rolls and cones. It features a magnetic plexiglass lid and is constructed of food-grade stainless steel

Knockbox 3/100 + Standard Filling Kit

With the Knockbox 3/100 you can fill 100 pre-rolled cones in 2 minutes greatly increasing your output and minimizing labor.

Your choice of Standard Futurola Pre-Roll Cones

Excludes Reefer Size, Party Size, Fatboy, and Blunt cones.

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