Grow Strong Industries Now At Modascape!

Grow Strong Industries Now At Modascape!

Published by Dale on Apr 6th 2020

We are excited to announce that Modascape has partnered with Grow Strong Industries! 

For nearly 20 years, Grow Strong Industries has been setting the standard in hydroponics and indoor gardening. Founded by a group of passionate growers in 2002, GSI has used their collective knowledge to develop four separate brands, Lotus NutrientsGorilla Grow TentsKind LED, and SuperCloset, which deliver the highest quality supplies for every step in the cultivation process. 

Lotus Nutrients provides a special formula of 14 unique raw, natural ingredients including 11 essential macro and micro elements. Each stage of the grow is covered by one of these specialized mixtures: BloomBoostGrowCal/Mag, and Carboflush. They are all 100% water soluble for even blending and unparalleled consistency.

Gorilla Grow Tents are some of the strongest grow tents available on the market today. Constructed of thick 1680D material and lined with diamond shaped reflective interior walls, Gorilla tents will isolate your plants from the elements while ensuring your grow lights evenly shine on every leaf.

Speaking of lights...Kind LED has the perfect selection to fit your growing needs. From under canopy lights to standard orientation grow lights, Kind LED gives you total control of your crops lighting schedule and light recipe through the KIND Command Center software - all controllable remote from your mobile device.

The last, but certainly not least, of GSI's brands is SuperCloset which has a reliable selection of cloners and hydroponics systems. These systems ensure each plant is supplied with an equal amount of water and nutrients while also keep pH and TDS readings consistent between buckets.

Whether you are looking to start growing on a commercial scale or have decided to grow at home, the industry leading reliability and quality of the Grow Strong Industries brands will deliver high yields of strong, healthy plants.