Custom Displays From Jahabow

Custom Displays From Jahabow

Published by Dale on Apr 22nd 2020

Every retail environment is unique and it can often be hard to find the appropriate display units to maximize your space. Luckily the pros at Jahabow can customize display cases to your exact specifications!

Concept to Completion

After you have provided your dimensions or consulted with Jahabow engineers, a detailed digital layout of your design is produced, including individual display cases, accessories, and options. The sales team takes this layout and creates an itemized spec sheet with the pricing of every component included in the design. The engineering department creates a 2d blueprint of the design to ensure that all specifications are exactly as requested. Finally, this 2d layout is combined with the spec sheet to create a 3d virtual layout which you can view to verify that every aspect of the design fits your retail environment before construction begins. 

LPL Finish Options

Multiple finish options are available for each display to match your interior color scheme as well as provide a nice accent that catches the eye. 

Note: These colors are printed production only. For maximum color fidelity, request finish samples. Prices may vary by finish

Lighting Options

Having proper lighting is essential to highlighting your products. Jahabow displays have two types of lights available: LED and Halogen. The Mini Flux 2020 LED is an ultra-slim LED light source with a 5/8" housing. It is most commonly installed behing the front rail and is virtually invisible thanks to its slim design. The Halogen Spotlight is ideal for upright displays, wall cases, and towers. 

Wired Cabinet Electrical Options

Four main electrical configurations are available in Jahabow cases. Whether you need multiple lights, or power outlets for registers and mobile devices, these UL certified designs will get the job done.

Storage options

Every case comes with a variety of storage setups from locking sliding doors to open shelves. Shown to the right is a selection of available arrangements. Options vary by model.

Gate Options

There are three gate options available to accompany your shelving units. These conveniently keep customers from entering your work area. The first option is a single end panel with a double hinged door. This is primarily designed for capping off of a display near a wall. The second option has two end panels with double acting hinges which is meant for adding a passageway between two displays. The third option is the same as the the second with the addition of a lift panel which acts as extra counter space when not in use. This is ideal for lower traffic areas where a passageway is still required.

Even More Options!

The following is a list of optional showcase accessories:

  • Upgraded plunger lock installed
  • Keymatic brand lock installed
  • Trap Top installed
  • Hardboard End Panel and Mirror End Panel installed:
    • Jewelry Vision Showcase
    • Pedestal Jewelry Showcase
    • Half Vision Showcase
    • Full Vision Showcase
    • Extra Vision Showcase
    • Upright Display Showcase
    • Upright Aisle Showcase
    • Utility Showcase


Since 1976, Jahabow has been constructing high quality display cases from their complex in Owensville, Missouri. Their staff of 150 skilled associates manufactures nearly 5 miles of store fixtures and display cases every year! This high level of output combined with the many decades of experience, Jahabow has the solution to your retail needs.