California Lightworks GH Pro 340 Wireless Review

California Lightworks GH Pro 340 Wireless Review

Published by Dale on Dec 30th 2019

The GH Pro 340 provides industry-leading, efficient, full-spectrum LEDs while minimizing any shadow effect, making it the ideal greenhouse grow light. Whether you have a 500 or 50,000 sq ft. grow house the GH Pro 340 will fit your needs while saving you time and money.



Setting up grow lights can be a time intensive process and California Lightworks has taken this factor into account with their design of the GH Pro 340. Most industry lights require a dedicated power drop per light, but the GH Pro 340 can be daisy chained with up to 10 lights per power drop. This setup eliminates the need for complicated wire systems, relay logic, or contactors. Adding additional lights is as simple as plugging them into your current system. The wireless technology will automatically detect the light's location and assign it to a group. This plug-and-play feature greatly saves time and money.

Unique Design

In addition to the ease of installation, the 340 further innovates the grow light with its integrated drivers and passive cooling design. The integrated drivers contribute to the small size of the light while the passive cooling has no moving parts which reduces noise.

Light Output

The Osram LED lights use 340 watts with up to 3.0 microjoules per joule making them highly efficient. Two channel spectrum control is also available in the form of full spectrum white and 660 nanometer red which is essential for fruit and flowering plants.

Remote Control

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to control all of your lights from a single laptop, tablet, or phone. Custom light schedules can be set for individual lights as well as entire groups to fit your specific plant grow cycles.

Case Study

To see just how efficient these lights are when in use, check them out in action at Harborside Farms.


If you are looking for a highly efficient, customizable, and easy to use light, look no further. Low power consumption, quick and reliable installation, and full spectrum control will save you time and money while providing the highest quality yield. Click here to order.